Digital Health startup MFine receives ISO Certification

Mfine has been awarded ISO Certification. Therefore, it is a great achievement by Digital Health Startup. Mfine’s ISO Certification is a great example for all startups in India and Worldwide. It is important to note that Mfine has been awarded ISO 27001 Certification because it works digitally. This article will explain Digital Health startup MFine receives ISO Certification.
What is ISO 27001 Certification?

ISO 27001 certification sets standards for information security management systems. It is published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

ISO collaborates with the International Electrotechnical Commission to develop this certification. This document outlines the requirements for setting up, maintaining, upgrading, and deploying an information security management (ISMS) system.

ISO Certification is essential for protecting your most valuable assets such as customer and employee information, brand image, and confidential data. The ISO standards also describe a process-based approach to establishing, implementing, and operating an ISMS.

Therefore, any small or large business having a digital presence can and must receive ISO 27001 Certification.

MFine is awarded ISO Certification

International Organization for Standardization (ISO), has granted MFine ISO certification.

This certification is a major achievement for the company as it shows that they have implemented security procedures and technology to protect all information. Moreover, MFine is collaborating with trusted partners to provide an AI-driven online healthcare service in India.

The MFine provides consumers with on-demand access to quality medical care via its partnerships and more than 6,000 doctors. It also has 500 lab partners and 700 reputable hospitals. Mfine, a digital health startup, works entirely online. Hence, They needed ISO 27001 Certification for better functionality and security.

Mfine receives ISO Certification which brings benefits to the company.

These are the top benefits of Mfine being ISO certified. However, These benefits are applicable to all other firms.

ISO 27001 has the most important benefit: it protects your company’s confidential information.

The standard also gives customers and stakeholders confidence that data protection has been under effective management control. ISO 27001 also ensures that investors and start-ups can share information securely.

ISO 27001 is a certification that your company meets all legal requirements. It helps in complying with legal obligations.

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